Time management for CTOs - The Ultimate Guide to Tackling Hectic Days

Your job as the chief technical officer (CTO) would be much easier if there were simply more hours in a day, but alas, that’s not how the clock works. You have to manage budgets, delegate a team of professionals, implement technological mechanisms, and communicate with other departments. Days can get pretty hectic and stressful with having to execute all these responsibilities with professional finesse. You may even need to add on more than 24 hours on the clock to meet every single deadline on some of the busier days of the week.

It is inevitable to feel tremendous exhaustion pressing down on you as you tackle the challenges your job presents. But how can you manage hectic days to give your best as the CTO of the firm? You need to master time management skills in order to keep the routine running smoothly. Add onto that the responsibility of securing top-notch talents for the firm to deliver high class results and you’ve got another thing going to add onto the stress and exhaustion.

Here’s where Hyno can help you by offering Silicon Valley-calibre tech talent to make your job a little more easier, so that you can focus solely of putting you best foot forward for the organisation, while also prioritising your own well-being.

Here’s a few tips that can help you plan out your days better and manage loaded responsibilities in restricted time more efficiently:

Understand your responsibilities and define your role in the organization

You might’ve had limited responsibilities when there was someone else leading your team but that’s not the norm anymore. Things are bound to get more challenging when you are expected to lead a group of talented individuals. Every CTO has a dedicated set of responsibilities to execute within their organisation. If this is a role you’re stepping into for the first time, and with limited guidance, you have to thoroughly understand all the responsibilities that come with this designation first and foremost.

Ask questions, engage authority figures like the board into a discussion, and understand your responsibilities well and deep. Learn exactly what the company demands from you and then plan how to deliver it. Clarity with the ‘what’ and ‘how’ will help you set a strong foundation and work frame to deliver the outcomes desired from you.

If this work includes establishing a team of seasoned professionals, Hyno will be here to provide the best talent to meet your development needs. Once your team is set and ready to go hands-on, you can delegate work that fits each member’s calibre of performance and start carrying out operations.

Demand for more people if you feel like you’re overloaded with responsibilities and can’t stretch thin

Results are the only thing that matter to an organisation in the bigger picture, but while striving for desired outcomes, it’s necessary you don’t work yourself to a burnout. It is extremely necessary that neither the organisation nor yourself overestimate your performance and delivering capacity to the point of no return.

When you feel like there’s too much on your plate at once and deadlines start to seem unrealistic to be met, its time to approach the board and request them for more individuals on the team. You might need to categorise tasks based on the hierarchy of urgency, and push some lesser-important ones back, till you have the necessary help you’ll need to get it finished. Pre-plan the hiring of skilled professionals whenever needed to make sure all deadlines are being met.

CTOs today understand that it is not always beneficial to have an in-house team of technical professionals. Start-ups are choosing globally distributed teams to maximise diversified talents and skillsets as opposed to confined stationery teams. Hyno has helped many companies find the best talent who have helped several start-ups and small businesses thrive in today’s time.

Prioritize tasks

CTOs are busy bees. They encounter new challenges every day and learn to tackle them efficiently, and this requires a great deal of strategic thought and planning. Recognize tasks that require your immediate attention and things that can wait. Prioritizing tasks will help you carry out important operations on time and propel the business forward. Delegate work within teams with achievable goals and realistic deadlines set in order to maximise productivity and quality output always.

Give yourself time to de-stress whenever required

You can expect yourself to deliver nothing but quality results to the organisation only when your mind is in the correct headspace to properly multitask and drive focus where required.

A mind ridden with too much clutter will never perform to its full potential and hence it becomes absolutely necessary that give yourself the required time to take a step back and relax. Take the weekend to enjoy time with family and friends, take short but power breaks on overloaded workdays, and indulge in destressing activities (like going out for a meal or drinks) after work hours with your fellow work mates.

This will help you deliver the best results whenever the organisation demands.

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Conclusion Being a skilled CTO, your focus should be on building a team of the finest professionals with unmatched global competence. Hyno promises you the opportunity to work with some of the best technical talent of India. Want to get started on your next revolutionary project? Get in touch with us today.