CUREiTT as the platform where patients and health care professionals i.e.( Doctors ) can work together to bring curatived quicker to patients.
CureiTT platforms acts as single solution to find out the Clinical Trials information , to participate in the forums and to find out the nearest doctor who treats the condition/ disease.
There is a plethora of clinical trials information is available on internet but there is inadequate number of participants to associate/participate the trials. Majority of the times, participants are unaware of the trials that are conducted in the locality or nearest location.
The main challenge is on collaborating a doctor and patient who is investigating the clinical trials which the patient is looking of.
We developed a sophisticated systems yet easily usable, clutter free application with intuitive design. The application is build on the cutting edge technologies to enhance user experience. Our systems intelligently curate the trails for the users, recommends newly added trails , assists in searching trails irrespective of the conditions and validates for the authenticity of health care providers.