When all the services like food, travel, groceries were available online, Washapp wanted to make laundry available online. They wanted to be a one-stop solution for all the laundry needs and wanted to build an Uber for laundry.


Online laundry was an emerging market with no clear domination by a single player, unlike the food industry which was already having big players. There were very few players who were using technology in Laundry.

As the complete solution was not explored for laundry it took a lot of research to understand the customer operations. User Experience was a big challenge for the unique business model.


We created an intuitive and detailed Dashboard with Key Performance Indicators. We enabled IOT integration using the Google IOT cloud and we used Artificial Intelligence to create interactive ads.

With the above intellectual maneuvering, we enabled nearbuzz to build a seamless platform connecting brands and brand managers in the advertisement space.

Visiual Design

With these interfaces we tried to highlight:

  • Easy to choose the wash type with price list
  • Easy to schedule
  • Track the cleaning process and delivery
  • Easy to pay