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Hyno is building a community of highly talented and motivated developers. Our skilled developers are ready to work remotely in your time zone. Companies from around the world can hire them and scale their development teams.

At Hyno, we take a developer-centric approach and build the best place for developers to work remotely. We bring in the best developers, retain them, and allow them to work for the best startups worldwide. Hyno ensures that we thoroughly screen our developers. This way, they are ready to operate within the ever-changing work environment of a startup.

We have covered a lot of technologies for which we have skillful developers. You can browse our technologies on our website to learn more about them.

You can hire our Developers for any duration and development role, including permanent full-time or contract roles. We take care of the payroll and other legal requirements. A contract-to-hire fee will apply for contractor roles if you'd like to hire the developer as a full-time employee.

As a client, you will own the intellectual property of all paid-for work. We also provide an NDA to protect the confidentiality of your request. Hyno covers all our developers under an agreement.

No, but you can also try the developer for a two-week trial period to test out the quality of our developers.

Most of our developers are based out of India. All our developers go through a remote boot camp to enhance their ability to work remotely. We also ensure that they follow the best communication and project management practices.

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