NearBuzz is a cloud based offline
campaign management and audience insights platform


NearBuzz is a deep tech start-up in the Digital OOH advertising space. It has developed a cloud based DOOH Adverting Platform with audience measurement technology powered by Artificial Intelligence. The platform enables brands and agencies to run “Measurable and Targeted” Ad campaigns on Outdoor (OOH) Digital displays. The DOOH Ad Campaigns are enabled with contextual triggers based on audience, place and ambient conditions.


Define target audience and deliver targeted content in real-time.


Build interactive campaigns to engage and collect data


Build interactive campaigns to engage and collect data


It requires integration with the internet of things [IOT]. Out-of-home & Digital Out-of-home is not leveraged with technologies and The Dashboard experience was very poor for brand managers.

Measuring the outreach of an ad requires facial recognition without compromising on privacy. Creating interactive ads based on gender when users want to know more.



We created an intuitive and detailed Dashboard with Key Performance Indicators. We enabled IOT integration using the Google IOT cloud and we used Artificial Intelligence to create interactive ads.

With the above intellectual maneuvering, we enabled nearbuzz to build a seamless platform connecting brands and brand managers in the advertisement space.

What did we
learn by doing this project

In this project, we used the method which used in Material Design. So we could better define extensible color
palettes and create better harmony and branding throughout the product