This app enables customers purchase insurance contracts for the various service lines from their mobile phone. We design this app to provide the industry reach to customers driving innovation in an underserved part of the financial services industry

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Based in a Design Thinking approach

Before starting the process we did a Assumptions and
Questions workshop as team to have a reality check about the product, the expectations and the
outcomes of the project.

Mental Models

Knowledge about insurance and categories, how to hire of new insurance, how they claim and how gps works while
submiting location, how to show the prices etc,.
Knowledge about document collection would be done via the app without the need to talk to a human.

Key Insights


The users have some knowledge about insurance We don't need to over-explain the main concepts but a lot of people misunderstand insurance details.


Dynamic pricing could bring greater value to the product. Everybody got excited about the possibility of getting discounts for good driving behavior.


The user opinion about insurances change over time . People who have insurance now could discard it soon and people who haven't insurance are planning to get one in the short or medium term.


Great customer support is the baseline of the market. Everybody mentions competitors in a good way and remembered the last time they needed support. In this industry, good support is the minimum for any new competitor.


To design a solution we decided to focus on the acquisition process . It is the simplest user flow mapped. A lot of competitors have difficulty improving their acquisition flow and investors are particularly interested in how we could delight the users from the beginning.


  • The prototype will be used for a
  • pitch Should be in high fidelity
  • Should focus on acquisition first

Application flow

Application flow helps me to create user tasks and approach goals. It helps to understand the
whole project.

“We analyzed the research data, and we identified similar user behavior, pain points, recommendations, insights and framed them as opportunities to achieve a better user experience.”

User Interface

With these interfaces I tried to highlight:

  • The hire of new insurance could be easy, fast and trivial
  • The price is transparent
  • The car audit and document collection would be done via the app
  • All the hiring would be done seamlessly. From the download to the policy emission. Without
    the need to talk to a human.